NFL QB Gus Frerotte Takes 7 Year Old Golfing Partner on a Fantasy Ride at Palm Valley GC

DSC_0919 copy

Center: Gus Frerotte

May 18th was a day filled with sunshine and beautiful scenery at the Palm Valley Golf Course in Sun City. All of the “golfers” were adults except for one small boy who was seven years old and was hanging onto his dad.

I asked him whether he was going to play golf and he just shook his head “no”.

The foursome that this young boy was joining included a former NFL quarterback, Gus Frerotte, who played for the Washington Redskins and six other teams during his fourteen years in the NFL. Gus is tall, in great shape and has lots of football stories to share.

I pulled Gus aside and told him that a young boy would be tagging along and wanted to know whether Gus would agree to have him ride in the golf cart with him. I warned him that five hours can be a long time for a seven year old to sit in one place. He smiled and said “heck yes, I always wanted someone who could chase my balls and find them . . .  most of the time I lose more than I find.”

So off went Gus and a seven year old boy both waving as they left for the first tee. When the foursome got back to the clubhouse five hours later everyone was smiling. The young boy had been on a fantasy trip with stories to tell for a lifetime and Gus was able to fulfill his fantasy of having his own personal “ball boy” and lots of used balls that were picked up by his “partner” along the way !

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