Two Walk-ons


On the fourth day of the NFL Foundation sponsored football camp held at Rancho’s Football field, two well built young men with bodies that are ripped stepped onto the field. Head Coach Armstrong spotted them coming from the far end zone and immediately shouted out for Mitch, (one of his assistant coaches), to find out why they were there.

Tyrone is one of those coaches that is very protective of his team and does not want any interference from outsiders who might negatively influence his players. Mitch signaled that they were ok and sent them to the other end of the field to talk to Tyrone.

Both of these “hunks” are former Rancho football players that are home for the summer. They live in the neighborhood and came over to check out the action on the field. When Coach Armstrong learned that they both are college students he immediately called for two huddles and placed each one of the former Rancho players inside one of the huddles. Both young men gave a short speech/pep talk and, at the end, each group gave out a loud cheer.

I have watched Coach Armstrong for several months now working with a new, young, and very raw team and knew immediately why he stopped practice to introduce the former Rancho players to his team. His mantra is: “never pass up a “teachable moment.”

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