Girls Play High School Football Too!


Yes, that’s a girl practicing at the NFL football camp held by Rancho 6-10-6-14

As early as 1939 girls found a way to play high school football when Laverne “Toad” Wise kicked 6 extra points for an Alabama high school football team. This ease of access to football ended after World War II and lasted until 1972 when Title IX was passed.

Title IX prohibits discrimination in education on the basis of sex and covers all levels and areas of education including athletics. Nevertheless this has not been an easy road to travel for females who want to play contact football in high school and beyond. But little by little girls have made their football presence known and by 2011, a total of 1561 girls played high school football across the USA.

No, contact football for girls does not appeal to everyone. Since girls Flag Football is now offered as a school sport across the state of Nevada it is likely that this is where most young females will fulfill their desire to play football.

                     Exception to the rule

Rancho high school’s football team has one girl this year that came out to play on defense and has been attending team practices with the hope of making the team. As long as she has the athletic ability to compete equally with the other lineman on the team she has the opportunity to make the team. We will follow her progress.

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2 replies

  1. 😮 Yeah! I feel special, I got my own blog!

  2. Great blog, and Victoria is doing great in her defense lineman position. Enjoy watching her play each week.

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