Rancho Football Has a New “Love”. . . It’s Awesome Weight Room


There are many ways to show a team that it is appreciated for showing up every day and putting in hard work. Rancho’s football team got a special surprise when they returned to the weight room this week. Instead of the same old same old they saw a weight room that according to Tyrone “rivals most weight rooms in the city.”

During the last few weeks, Rancho’s Principal, James L. Kuzma and head football Coach Tyrone Armstrong found a way to reconfigure and enlarge the crowded weight room and had the weight racks refurbished as well.

Building a well prepared and physically fit team requires determination by each player to get in shape and a steady, encouraging hand on the part of the coaches. This year’s football team has both of these requisites.

With a spacious and shiny—like new—weight room there were smiles all around. Building pride in school and team takes lots of building blocks to make it happen.

Just knowing that the administration and the football coaches spent time and effort to upgrade the weight room sent a message loud and clear to every player . . . others really care about them.

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  1. Don’t you mean give them their weight room back finally. After taking it away 4 years ago. To incorporate the crossfit fad.

  2. That is not even the Rancho High School weight room. It is located across the school. This picture is of the ROTC building so Dr. Kuzma did not expand anything.

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