Rancho Rams Cranking Up the Intensity—3 More Practice Weeks till GAME ON !

Rancho NFL Camp Players on the Run

Rancho NFL Camp Players on the Run

Starting on August 12th the pace for Rancho football players step up and for the first time Helmets and Pads are used in practice. Ramping up the speed and level of contact will not be easy in 100 + degree weather but Coach Armstrong and his assistant coaches are ready for the challenge.

Coach Armstrong and his assistants know how important it is to make sure every player drinks plenty of water during practice—to keep hydrated. Each practice over the last few months all players have been required to take hydration breaks. Now it has become a habit.

Wearing helmet and pads (for some of the players it is the first time) will seem strange in the beginning but they will have 2 and ½ weeks to get used to wearing them.

As each practice gets closer to the Game opener on AUGUST 30 against Clark High School, the atmosphere on the field will appear somewhat tense and serious. The one and only scrimmage is at Rancho on August 24th at 6PM. Family and supporters are welcome to attend and lend their support for Rancho’s football team.


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  1. The first three days of practice are the heat acclimation days, then we have 3 days with helmets only . We will go full pads on Monday August 18th.

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