Ming Hui, NYLS leadership award recipient goes to Washington D.C.


Congratulations to Rancho Football Player # 81 Ming Hui.

Ming, a sophomore at Rancho High School, was awarded several college credits and was selected to attend the National Youth Leaders Summit (NYLS) in Washington D.C.

Ming is really a triple threat—who excels in academics, leadership, and football. He began to play football in 6th grade and when I asked him why he picked football he said “it’s because I love football.”

This has been a very productive year for him in football as a DB and WR. He has become a better player this year because head Coach Armstrong taught each member of the team the fundamentals of football.

Ming’s leadership shows up on and off the field. Whether he is helping others master difficult homework assignments or cheering up the team after a tough loss he certainly has earned the award that he received. Three cheers for Ming Hui, a young man on a leadership mission.

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