Rams JV Team beats Valley 20-14 with Grit and Teamwork

11-1-13 JV photo wins 20-14

Football is a hard hitting sport that takes drive, determination and love for the game.

When you add to that equation a young team of freshmen and sophomores who are not the biggest or strongest players in Division 1 football and are newcomers to the sport the challenges can be overwhelming—but not for this JV team!

The Rams JV team played against Valley High’s JV team a few days before the varsity’s final game of the season. From Rams freshman quarterback, Josh Eagan—to the steady pace of another freshman—Derek Jones, the offense was on a tear in the first half. All 20 points that the offense scored occurred in the first half!

The Rams defense was outstanding as well. They hung tough throughout the game and fought hard to shut Valley down. Timely interceptions by Rams players, Lucane Piere, and Alexis Ayon, helped to hold Valley’s JV team to only 14 points.

If the Rams JV team can continue to improve and build up their strength and speed next season they will be knocking at the door of every opponent they play!

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