Memorable! Rancho’s Football Dinner held on November 19th


A Full House for the Football Dinner.

The first annual football dinner hosted by Coach Armstrong and A level Playing Field Foundation was a huge success. The dinner was held in Rancho’s cafeteria—with decorations and green table cloths distributed by very supportive parents whose donations throughout the year have made a big difference. Many parents, grandparents and siblings attended the dinner and loudly cheered each member of the team.

Special Trophies were given out.

Special Trophies were given out.

There were numerous awards and trophies handed out by Coach Armstrong and his assistant coaches. Principal Kuzma, Athletic Administrator Josh Katz, Athletic Director Renae Whitt, and Athletic Trainer Alex Troxell were given special plaques that read “in appreciation for your commitment and dedication to our Football program.”

Many Rancho football players received medals for their academic achievement throughout the football season. It takes discipline, hard work, and determination to train, play hard and also maintain excellent grades.

Congratulations to every player who played for Rancho’s football team in 2013. Their dedication and outwardly positive attitude (regardless of the final score) is proof that these players have what it takes to succeed in sports and life.

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  1. Great Article… Thank you again to A Level Playing Field and Mrs. Spencer for all of your support. It is Gratefully Appreciated.

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