12 Local Boys are heading to the National HSPD Competition in Indianapolis!

Yes it’s true that for the first time the HSPD CAMP held at Rancho HS has qualified to send a dozen players to attend the 7 on 7 contest at Colts stadium in mid July! 7 different schools in the valley will make up the Las Vegas 12.

We congratulate the boys who were chosen from Chaparral, Canyon Springs, Rancho, Desert Pines, Boulder City, Valley, and Eldorado.

Chaparral will be represented by Casey Acosta, Rollin Crockett, Richard Hernandez, and Torin Owolabi. Canyon Springs has two players who were selected—Bradley Alexander II, and Davieon Carrington. Desert Pines also has two representatives going to Indy—Gianni Breland and Andre Watts. Four other schools had players who also made the cut: Boulder City (Alan Gneiting), Eldorado (Tyler Spivey), Rancho (Angel Alvarez), and Valley (Iyen Medlock).

Best wishes to the Las Vegas 12. We hope you will treasure every moment.

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