Rancho’s Varsity Football Team Travels to Calabasas, Ca. to start the 2014 Season!


Calabasas Coyote’s team

Rancho Rams

Rancho Rams

A Level Playing Field Foundation made a commitment to Rancho’s varsity football team to sponsor a trip out of state for the season opener. Calabasas was chosen because it was a great opportunity for the team to visit Southern California.

On Friday, August 29th 2014 Rancho’s Rams arrived at the Woodland Hills

Hilton Hotel and prepared for the Friday night game against the Calabasas Coyotes’ varsity team.

Welcome to the Hilton Woodland Hills / Los Angeles

The Calabasas varsity team came on the field filled with excitement and lots of high 5’s. Rancho’s football team seemed overwhelmed and came onto the field showing little emotion. Both varsity teams had not won a game the prior season so it appeared to be a good match-up. The final score was Coyotes 53, Rams 19.


The next day the foundation arranged for the team to visit Malibu Bluffs before they left for North Las Vegas.. The Bluffs are one of the most beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean on a 6 acre public park, where the boys could walk on the beach and venture out to the edge of the ocean and swim as well. Lots of cheers and laughter echoed throughout the park…at last there were smiles and lots of happy faces all around.

Memories are made of this!

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