I’ve spent years explaining to people that I have absolutely no skills! I know, I know… It’s true! Now that I’ve got your attention….

Marnie1I recently discovered my limited skill set while waiting…Side note, Im sure, that I have clocked close to 10,000 hours of WAITING, as an only child, a single Mom of 3 pre -teen  kids and on-call carpool chauffeur to anyone who needed one. Maybe more than 10k, now that I really think about it.

Ok so maybe I am wrong…maybe my skill set is just that…. Wait for it, yes, A Professional Waiter. Being good and ABLE to sit in a car or a gym or a parking lot by myself and be satisfied snacking on an old 1/2 eaten Cliff Bar and a bottle of water that I don’t want to know the origin of, or how it got to be purple, IS my skill set. I’m pretty sure, even out here in LA LA land, it’s not a skill I can put on a resume, but folks, I’m a waiter all right and I am damn good at it.

I used to think I was a good fixer, have tool belt, will travel, but I have given up on my curiosity for fixing things, and that means people too!  Apparently you need a special degree or more, and even then it’s iffy, so I leave that skill to the truly more capable handymen and ambitious shrinks, the former hard to find, the latter, everywhere out here in Hollywood!

At one time I thought about offering blow- dry’s and being a professional “blower”, but I had to give up on that fantasy too…I can’t even do my own hair, refer to pictures of me always in braids or pony tail!!
Finally, as my kids and dogs both know, I can’t cook, and I always bring leftovers home to save them from “death by mom’s cooking.” Maybe not death, but the ADT security team, gets a warning call when u turn the oven on! Calabasas Fire Men, have to keep Malibu safe from Bruce Jenner, they don’t need to bother with me!

So there is the proof that I have no skills that traditionally make me employable.  However what I can do is KEEP MY EYES ON THE BALL!!Marnie3

When I was young, I was told that no matter you have to keep your eye on the ball! It took me decades, well actually my whole life to really grasp this concept and how it’s a metaphor for life!! Keeping your eye on the ball, means having the ability to see the forest through the trees, and keep your focus on this result /object that everyone wants. What I love about keeping your eye on the ball is that it really does make you better, out of all the sayings I have heard this one works, and it has depth to cross over from sport to life, and it’s one of the few that does that. For example, bending over backwards to please her/him, please, stop doing that, they’re clearly not happy campers and jumping down someone’s throat, physically impossible….and the result is never good for anyone!

Keeping your eye on the ball is about focus, drive, discipline and tenacity and that’s what we all have sustain to get through the daily routine of life, let alone any curve balls thrown at us! Focus, concentrate and keep your eye on the ball and if you do, while there are no promises, the outcome will be yours and yours alone. Ownership is strength and like a Feudal Lord this entitles you to have general authority over yourself and that’s a skill! You are the only one that can control yourself and that all begins with keeping your eye on the ball!

It’s easy to lose focus and let the ball out of your sight, however, like riding a bike once you suit up to play again, you know exactly where to go, what to look for, and even if it’s whole new game. Keeping my eye on the ball with personal and professional relationships is something I learned from watching sports! Making sure that the people around me know that I’m all in and prepared for anything makes them feel more comfortable, trusting and that trust brings amazing results.

Truthfully, keeping my eye on the ball personally is a bit trickier, but I love a good challenge.

Marnie2When we decided we wanted to start a charity my business partner Jazmin and I knew it was going to be for youth athletics. We both Love sports and know the undeniable amazing effects sports has on everyone, especially children.  The obvious choice was BALLS!! For us, Grab a Ball And Play is about getting kids to play and helping them to learn to keep their eye on the ball!! Clearly the jokes on us for sure, but we can live with that……we have our eye on the BALL!

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