Stan Davis, Rancho’s 2015 Defensive Coordinator , has been promoted by Coach Pletsch, as Rancho Football’s Head Coach!


Rancho’s AD introduces Rancho’s promoted head coach, Stan Davis,(center) at Rancho’s December football Banquet.

Rancho Head Coach Stan Davis has been a standout on many levels; Stan Davis was the Defensive coordinator at Canyon Springs under Hunkie Cooper.

Stan has a long and impressive coaching history. Stan was selected under an NFL minority fellowship program to work with the Cincinnati Bengals. After the Bengals, Stan was chosen as an Assistant Coach –Secondary and went on to be the Defensive Coordinator with the Arena Football League team; the Las Vegas Gladiators.

Several other coaching jobs included; Los Angeles Harbor City College, Los Angeles Valley College, Compton Community College, and he eventually moved on to several Arena Football teams. Stan’s secondary consistently led the league in interceptions. He also finished second in the league in 2002.

In 2014, Coach Davis was selected as the Nike Coach of the year Clinic.

Stan Davis’ essence has been captured in a recent article: (Las Vegas Sun, Friday December 14, 2012. Written by J. Patrick Coolican)

“Davis is a laconic and witty veteran coach who played defensive back at Long Beach State before piling up countless frequent flier miles coaching college and pro ball, including the Cincinnati Bengals.”

“He’s like a Buddhist with two quiet mantras. One is, “Two clap,” after which his defensive charges clap twice.”

“Two clap.”

Clap clap.

The other is, “Do you understand?” which is followed by “Yes, sir!”

“It’s an effective technique for centering and quieting the mind, which is important because of the complexity and psychic noise of the game. The other team lines up in multiple formations, each yielding to innumerable potential run and pass options.

Once the mental puzzle is solved, the players must win the physical challenge of force and momentum and the infliction and endurance of pain. The game requires a strange blend of intelligence and instinct, emotion and composure. And, of course, violence.

“Y’all seen the movie ‘Heat’?” Davis asks the defense. “There was the one guy with the information. And then the crew did the heist. I’m the guy with the information for you to be successful. Now we’re a day behind — I gave you the information from the guy who invented the single wing offense, and only three guys read it. Unacceptable.”

“The coaches’ warnings go unheeded, and Canyon loses a three-point game it should have won on the road.“

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