The Beginnings

A Level Playing Field Foundation came from the inspiration and experiences of founder Susan T. Spencer.

Susan was General Counsel and GM of the Philadelphia Eagles, the first and only woman to ever hold both positions.

It was during those years with the Eagles that she learned firsthand the impact and benefit competitive sports teams can have on disadvantaged youth.

For many young athletes, sports is the only way to get out from under their constant family struggle to survive and live a better life.

The essence of team sports is striving to win.

While interviewing a weekly guest on Susan’s radio show, Ray Brewer, (Senior Sports Editor of the Las Vegas Sun), Susan was made aware of the sorry state of football programs in more than 6 high schools in Clark County, Nevada.

What it takes to Compete in a Sports Program

No matter how good the coach might be, when it comes to high school football, there are many other basic fundamentals that need to be in place for competition to be on a level playing field:

•Access to appropriate weight training equipment, training time and experienced trainers

•Provide updated playing equipment— (replace all old, torn and worn out uniforms and other football gear).

•Supply athletes with proper protective pads, helmets and cleats

•Involved and supportive parents and teachers as well as interested alumni, community leaders, and sponsors

•Ability and adequate time to recruit talented players

•Money for annual physicals and health or accident insurance in order to be sports/football eligible

•Access to tutoring in order to keep the required grade point average for eligibility

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