Nevada’s Big Give

March 12, 2015 …It’s Almost Here!

Join with us to provide access to high school sports for all of our youths.   


Freshman football players show off their academic medals at the annual football dinner.


Why support underserved High School Sports Programs?

Playing a team sport keeps underserved youths engaged in academics rather than street gangs.

Why does it cost money to join a team?

Nevada sports programs require youths to get an annual physical and provide medical insurance.

What difference does your donation make?

Your donation will permit disadvantaged youths to participate in sports.

How much does it cost for students to play HS football, baseball, basketball, or soccer?

The average cost per player is approximately $500.

Why should I care about supporting sports?

The Community benefits exponentially when youths learn basic academics, stay in school and graduate.
65% of Clark County HS sports programs are disadvantaged.


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